Steps To Follow To Get Best Results

There was a time when every day I watched Motivational Videos on YouTube. The channels that I used to watch was Jay Shetty, Prince EA, Be inspired and some others. These channels are still my favorite but the only difference now is that I watch motivational video once or twice in a month. At that time, I was a motivation junkie. It’s like filling the gas tank full, but I never started the engine, and then I was like “Why I’m not getting best results”, “Why I’m in the same place”, “Why life is not changing.”

Life changed when I found why I need to be motivated, why I want to achieve what I want to achieve. My mindset shifted from thinker to action taker. I know the reason why I’m doing these things. And let me tell you one thing, when you find out your why or in other words your source of inspiration then you get motivation from inside, once you find out your why you don’t need someone else to motivate you. You become satisfied and happy. Your why motivate you to do best. Simon Sinek’s book Start with why helped me to understand this concept of Why. 

Here are steps that I follow to get the best results. 

Accumulation of knowledge

We are living in 21 century where we have a tool that can make us master of life. That thing is internet. Internet is one of the greatest things invented in the entire human history. With the internet you can connect to thousands of people, collect data, learn new things and the list go on.

But what we are doing? We are wasting our time on Instagram beauties, debating on Facebook comments, watching useless YouTube videos. We have a gold mine of knowledge. The knowledge that can make you confident, self-sufficient and capable of earning millions. But still, we are wasting time on stupid things. There are a lot of resources like khan academy, codecademy, coursera, udemy etc. from where you can learn a lot of stuff.

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What I believe is that belief guides our life. We are what we believe. Successful people have positive beliefs about themselves, and that’s why they are successful. On the other hand, unsuccessful people have a limiting belief. Limiting beliefs about themselves. They can’t count on their self. And guess where from these limiting beliefs come? From the information. These limiting beliefs come from the data we feed in our mind. Change these limiting beliefs and create new beliefs that can guide you, inspire you and able to change your life.

That’s why I started on the internet. Internet is so powerful. It can make you master of your field, can help earning millions, help in solving big problems etc. So, now it’s upon you to take action. Unfollow all those negative people. Unsubscribe those times wasting YouTube channels and start spending quality time with good people. What I would personally recommend is to read on Quora and Medium. Choose whatever category you like and start learning about it, you’ll surely get best results.

Connecting the dots

People are nowadays are becoming self-help junkies, quote junkies etc. People watch a lot of motivational videos, read a lot of self-help books, but they fail to achieve the right results. There’s something that is missing that you want to find out.

See, you can watch a lot of videos and read a lot of books, but still, you can’t have all the required knowledge. No video or book in the whole world can capture the entire topic of self-improvement or entrepreneurship or anything. Knowledge is abundant, and that’s the fact.

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When you read a lot of books and see a lot of videos, which is a good thing, you get a lot of dots. Dots of confidence from a book. The dot of time management from a video. The dot of courage from another video and so on. In simple language, you get pieces of information and it’s your duty to connect these dots to get complete answer.

You would think about how to connect these dots. Let me explain it.

Every day block 1 hour for thinking, think about what you have learned.

The problem with today’s generation is that they don’t think. We are busy with our screens.

Technology has made our life simple. And a simple life means less thinking. Have you ever felt like “Oh god, how I’m gonna do my laundry”? Why would anyone think like this you have to Plug in the washing machine and put your clothes in it, that’s it. Everything is automatic you don’t have to wash your clothes with hands anymore. Technology saves time. But what we are doing in our extra time? Think about it. We are wasting time.

Think, revive what you have learned. Connect the dots, think positive, don’t over think bad thoughts. Find solutions to your questions before asking someone else.

Knowledge is like a jigsaw puzzle. Those who will complete this puzzle by connecting the pieces of information will find solutions.

Taking Action

You have been thinking about it, and you connected the dots. Now, what’s the last step?

Action. You have to take actions. People are motivation junkies nowadays. They read hundreds of motivational quotes on Instagram, facebook, twitter and barely take any actions. Don’t be like them. Take action. Get best results.

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People search for secrets of success. But there’s no secret of success. When you start doing, you’ll know the secret of success by your self. Accumulation the knowledge is essential, connection the dots are necessary but taking action is fantastic.

Your actions determines the quality of your thinking.


Best results

It’s easy nowadays to get in flow with other people and end up being in the wrong place. You have your destiny , reason to born on this planet. Don’t let your purpose of being here fade away. You have to be successful. As Jim Rohn said, “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.” So, it’s your responsibility to develop yourself. Don’t just watch a videos or read books and wonder why things are not happening the way they supposed to be. Maybe you are skipping any of the steps listed above. Take action, connect the dots and learn every day.

This is the process I follow when I learn new things or try to get results from something. It can take some time for you to determine the whole process or if you are smart, then maybe you are already following this process. 

But if you are new then don’t worry. Things take time. Commit your time to each step, and you’ll be the best version of yourself. 

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