Types of Self Care: That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

If you don’t take care of yourself, all the stress relief activities in the world will not help you anymore.

Self care is about empowering yourself and take charge of your life. In this post, we have explained the five types of self care that will help you to improve your living and make it even better.

Studies have shown that women who exercise, eat right, get sufficient sleep, and find satisfaction in their work have less depression, anxiety, and illness. (https://www.apa.org/careers/early-career/self-care.pdf)

80% of women admitted that doing something for themselves would make them feel refreshed and relaxed. Yet, many were pretending to show up. And that study shows how important self care is and why we should focus to improve it?

What is self care?

Self-care is the activity you do in your day-to-day life to take care of emotional, mental, and physical health. Any action or activity you do to improve your mood and reduce anxiety is an example of self-care.

Self-care is the thing we love doing from inside out. It is not something that we force ourselves to do, something which we don’t enjoy doing.

Many people believe that self-care is only possible if they have enough time, but this is not true. In contrast, it takes the least time to take care of yourself.

Self care is for everyone, and anyone can practice it. It is as easy as you take deep breaths from the nose and expel it to the mouth.

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The types of self care you should know:

There are five types of self care you need to know. Another is “Safety and security self care,” which already comes under these five categories.

Types of self care - Physical self care
Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

1. Physical self care

Physical self care is all about our physical body, as name sounds. In other words, activities you do that improve the well-being of your physical health.

For example, you do morning exercise, the adequate 8 hours of sleep, or staying hydrated.

Physical self care includes how you’re fueling your body to being active, how much you’re caring for your physical needs by not abusing drugs and alcohol.

Self care behaviours are the key concept in health promotion, refers to decisions and actions that an individual can take to improve his or her health

There are some self care questions you should ask yourself.

  • Are you doing regular exercise, which improves your health?
  • Are you getting healthy food for your body?
  • Are you staying up late?

2. Mental self care

Self care is part of your life. The mental self care is the activity that stimulates your mind or your intellect. 

Information, you are filling in your mind. You train your brain by playing chess, reading books, and solving the puzzle that shows how greatly well-being you are.

In this types of self care, It depends on what kind of information you fill in your mind. Keep your stress level low, relax, and give yourself a break? Are you doing these activities that sharpen your mind?

Mental self-care includes these activities such as:

  • Do those activities that inspire you.
  • Practice doing proactive things that help you to stay mentally healthy.
  • Help someone in a way that fuels your mind with positive energy.
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Self care quote
Self-care is how you take your power back.

3. Emotional self care

Emotional self care is about your feelings and how to reflect your emotions. It never happens that you always feel good. You must have come in your life with Anger, Loneliness, and Uncomfortable Feeling. And these are part of our life.

In these types of self care, you need the ability to deal with your emotions healthily. It is crucial to your happiness and your quality of life.

The chances are you must have been listening to music, but we also listen to some music which is full of emotion. We do not even know that we are lost in a different world while listening to a piece of music.

You will get hundreds of self care ideas, for instance, activities you do that connects with you something with the range of full emotions.

  • Do you feel unpleasant emotions like jealousy or embarrassment? 
  • Emotional self care is an activity that helps you identify and express your feelings regularly (emotional self help).
  • It is about being able to be aware of what you’re feeling when you’re feeling it, the ability to cope with the emotion, and also express it healthily.

4. Spiritual self care

Spirituality means having a deeper sense of connection, spirit, depending on your particular set of beliefs.

Take time for your life, set goals for self care, do meditation, yoga, and be in nature, which is good for you and your soul.
In fact, spirituality does not belong to any religion, the person owns it and they develop by practicing it. It allows you taking care of yourself and should be a part of decision you make every day.

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Self care quotes
Self care quotes

5. Social self care

The activities that improve the relationship with peoples in your life, it can be making friends, go to date, or just calling your grandmother a sweet call.

Social self care makes your friendship more trustworthy and stronger. This activity is critical for humans.

Who you surround yourself with has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. The success of your life is directly proportional to who you’ll become in your life.
There are a lot of examples of social self care:

  • Being part of a book club or NGO.
  • If someone hurts you, how you talk about in a way that honours your feelings and theirs.
  • What strengths do I bring to the world? 
  • What accomplishments do I feel proud of and many more? 
The Key to Happiness: Self Care
The Key to Happiness: Self Care


Self-care skills are the everyday tasks we do, such as cleaning teeth, cooking, to take care of our family. Either it is in your self care plan or behaviors.

It is not limited. Moreover, you may experience in many areas of your life. You do the activities of daily living, including dressing, eating, walking, and regular exercise.

As I mentioned above, a great way to care for yourself is to take time for your life, do not be an office person for always.

Now, this is your turn!

I’ve explained the five types of self care in this article.

Leave a comment below with your favourite part.

Types of self care - Infographic
Types of self care – Infographic

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