How To Carry On When Things Go Wrong?

How To Carry On When Things Go Wrong?

It feels miserable when things go wrong. We feel like its the end of the world. We try to avoid conversations. Life becomes dull, and we feel like why is this happening with me.

Today in this article, I’ll share how to carry on when things go wrong. I hope this article will help you.

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1. Write Journal when things go Wrong

what to do when things go wrong

Gratitude is the antidote to pain. When things go wrong people suggest to get busy, lose yourself in work and forget it. All these things help for some time. After that, we are again with thought why I did that, why it happened. We tend to overthink. To solve a problem ultimately we have to figure out the solution on the root level, not a temporary solution.

What I’ll suggest you to do is writing a journal. Journaling is a way to feel the pain and letting it go. Journaling is a way to keep you happy, positive and, motivated. You can write a journal in a lot of ways. You can write the thing you are grateful for, what you learned today, what happened bad and what you learned from that mistake.

I have a journal in which I write my monthly goals, things I’m grateful for, what I learned, what I did wrong, and everything that comes to my mind. It also helps in not overthinking. So, what I do is I try to find opportunity in my mistakes. The brain goes where you focus, and by asking the right question, you train your mind to focus on solutions.

Lot of researches shows that keeping a journal can help you in achieving goals, building emotional stability, boosting memory, strengthen self-discipline and a lot of other benefits.

So, write a journal when things go wrong.

2. Talk to a Friend when things go Wrong

Talking to a friend or a family member about your pain and mistakes can help you in feeling better. There’s always a friend or a family member who always care for you, understands you, and helps you.

So, if something goes wrong talk to your friend because talking helps you to release that pain and to go through pain.

3. Move Your Body

While doing exercise brain release different types of neurotransmitter that makes us feel good and also helps us in fighting depression, anxiety, clearing the mind, and staying energetic.

So move your body.

4. Adjust it and do it Again

Adjust it and do it Again

Sometimes, we set goals, and we have planned everything, but it doesn’t go as planned.

When I fail to achieve my goal, I write down everything, what I had planned, what went wrong and try to find my mistakes. After seeing the mistake, I adjust the actions and do it one more time.

Take responsibility for every action. If things go wrong, don’t blame anyone. People are good in blaming others when something wrong happens with them. Blaming and playing the victim game stops your mind in finding solutions. Blaming others is like letting them control you. They did something wrong with you, they moved on, and you are still there blaming them and let the situation slip off from your hand.

Take responsibility for your ever action. If something goes wrong, then adjust the action and try again.

5. Impatient with Action Patient with the Result

Impatient with Action Patient with the Result

Nowadays, people want to get everything fast and in easy ways. But life is not like that. It takes time to achieve great things.

Don’t be lazy. If you have set a goal, then attain it. Don’t lose hope with just one failure. Take massive action. Do everything with conviction, enthusiasm, and preparation. If you approach goal like this then, surely, you’ll achieve it.


It’s okay to fail and make mistakes in life. Life is a series of happiness and pain. When things go wrong, don’t go with them. Never let your pain stops you. Use your pain to get strong.