5 Ways To Stay Positive

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could stay more positive and achieve more?

If I’m not wrong, then you probably have asked yourself questions like “ways to stay positive” or “how to stay positive.” If you have asked these questions to yourself, then congratulations. You are self-aware, and you know that your self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts stop you in achieving your goals. But don’t worry, today, in this article I’m going to share some ways to stay positive. But before starting let me ask a question “why there is need to be positive”?

Why positivity matter?

We hear life coaches, successful people, and authors saying that staying positive is one of the essential things in their success.

A positive attitude can help in controlling difficult situations and have more confidence, joy, and success. If you are positive and practical, then, surely, you’ll get good results from everything thing you do. 

Positivity can affect your life in different ways. Research has shown that optimistic people have good health and a good relationship with others. On the other hand, pessimists struggle with health issues and have difficulty in achieving more. Your positive attitude toward life can take you far and provide you with more happiness and success. 

So, here are some remarkable ways to stay positive.

1) Start day with positivity

Let me ask you something, what the first thing you do after waking up? Do you start your day with positive thoughts? 

People nowadays are addicted to their gadgets. After waking up, they check their inboxes to see whether there are any emails, messages or not, and chances are there to read or hear negative words and thoughts floating around the internet. And these negative messages can easily ruin your day or negatively reprogram your mind.

If you have this habit, then stop doing this, doing useless kinds of stuff in morning costing you your creativity, productivity, and peace. We are taking ourself away from our personal life.

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According to researchers in the morning, our brain is most active. The mind is at alpha state In the morning. At this time, it’s easier to absorb the information, creativity around or even emotional stability, ideal for affirmations and hypnosis.

So don’t waste your creativity, productivity, and time on checking your inboxes in the morning. Use your energy in your goals, rewire your brain with affirmation and hypnosis and reprogram your mind to think positive.

2) Self reflection – (My favorite way to stay positive)

We have hidden treasures in ourselves. We are walking treasures, but we never understand this. Let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend with yourself?

Most people use their time in job, social media, here and there. People don’t have time for positivity and peace. 

What I mean by spending time with your self is self-reflection. I learned this from Robin Sharma, my mentor. He’s a great human who can change anyone’s life. I would recommend you all to watch his YouTube videos. 

self reflection and positivity

Every morning, go away from your gadgets and be close to nature and yourself. You might be thinking about what’s the Self Reflection. According to Wikipedia “Self-reflection is the capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their fundamental nature, purpose and essence.” 

Ask questions to yourself, point out what makes you think negative and then resolve that issue by taking me necessary actions. This practice is perfect way to stay positive.

To solve the problem, you first have to know that there’s a problem. And you can figure out negativity and weak points in your life by asking questions to your self. Most people don’t get to this level because they do the job they hate, relationship that drains their precious energy and things that take away all their time.

Sometimes to get ahead, it’s necessary to stop for a while and understand the whole situation. Negativity can get over to your life, but once you are committed and choose to be positive, then it becomes easy to fight negativity and to remain positive in difficulties. 

So, don’t be too busy and never have time for your self. Commit some time every day and know yourself better. Find out your weak points and your strong points. Our brain always needs something to think about, instead of giving it something to think negative, why don’t you provide it with something positive to think. Let your mind helps you in fighting negativity and staying positive in life. 

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3) Let criticism fuels you.

People are great in judging others and throwing negativity at them. Nowadays, someone’s negative thoughts can quickly destroy your positivity. People are always ready to criticize others in both virtual and real world. They enjoy doing this because they never learned to be proactive.

keep it positive

Let me tell you something. If you are doing something great, creative, innovative, then, inevitably, people are going to criticize you. But don’t let those negative words shatter your positivity. Positively take criticism and let it fuel your motivation. 

4) Talk to yourself

Do you still remember the negative things you were told as children by your teachers, friends, siblings, and parents?

Those negative things were messages that we could have forgotten, but over the years, those messages became prominent in our mind and eventually started controlling our behavior and life. Whenever we make some mistakes, automatically we repeat the sentence and scold our self. The problem is our mind blueprint.

One of the best ways to stay positive and change mind blueprint is positively talking to your self. During hard times repeat positive words in your mind. These positive words will bring more confidence, hope, and joy in any situation.

You can also use auto-hypnosis technique to change your mind blueprint quickly. Please watch this video by Dr. Bruce Lipton. They have explained auto hypnosis and how it can beautifully change your whole life.

Program Your Mind In Positive Way

5) Exercises daily

In this busy lifestyle, we often forget about our health. We have adopted a lousy lifestyle. Our food habits, the environment can easily affect our state of mind. So, it’s necessary to choose an exceptional lifestyle that will positively change our lives.

Every morning take out 1 hour for yourself and do exercise. You might be saying that you hate exercise. Your brain is lying to you, and the truth is your body craves physical activity. Studies have shown that when we exercise, our brain releases dopamine and other neurotransmitters. 

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During exercise, our mind releases dopamine and other neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters can help us in lowering stress levels, increasing pleasure, and mood. Before starting your day, do exercise so that you remain more calm, energetic, and tackle any problem with calm mind.

All these ways to stay positive can be a lot for you if you have never done any of these. Whenever I do something, I try to apply the Golden Circle. Watch this Ted Talk by Simon Sinek to understand this concept whole better.

Due to technology, It’s easy to get distracted from your priorities. So what I would recommend you to write your reasons behind staying positive, what will you do to stay positive and how will you do it. Your answer will motivate you and give you motivation whenever you feel like giving up

For me, consistency is more important than motivation. It’s evident that if we are doing something new, then there are chances of facing difficulties. And on these uncertain times reminding yourself why you started this in the first place will make you consistent.


Keep it positive

People are struggling with depression, anxiety, and a lot of other disorders because of their habit to overthink and point out negativity instead of finding positivity. 

These five ways to stay positive can change your mindset and life if you start doing them regularly. Commit yourself to positivity and stop being cynical about yourself and this world all the time. As Eminem said, “You don’t get another chance, life is not Nintendo game” You are never going to get your life back once it’s over. Life is too short to stay in depression and negativity. There is a whole big world for you to explore. Don’t let your negative thoughts, past mistakes and fears stop you in getting success and happiness. Be positive, be happy.

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