5 Things To Do When Life Sucks

Not every time, life will be the same fairy tale story. Sometimes, life sucks, and we have to overcome those situations to survive in this world. In this article, we will discuss the things to do when life sucks. If you are reading this article, I think you are also in the same phase where you feel your life sucks.

Life is always not a celebration. Not always a fun-filled ride. Not always an easy cake-walk. Not always colourful. Sometimes, life sucks, life has to be a roller coaster ride, sometimes life has to be a way full of thorns, and sometimes life shows us some dark days. 

Life has a unique way of teaching us the best lessons at our worst times. Not all the roads are smooth and easy to travel. All beautiful destinations often led by rough and hard drives. Life is the same as such. Sometimes, things turn worse to lead you to the best. This is not optimism. This is the ultimate fact of life. 

Everyone in the world will come up to face this situation in their lives at one point in time. This is where you have to stand taller than before instead of ultimately making the situation to destroy you. 

Now let us have a look at five great and useful tips on how to overcome the hardest phase when you think, “My life sucks.”

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1) Concentrate on hows and not whys:

Many of us have a common question “Why does my life suck?”, “Why it happens to me?” “Why my life is not easy?” and many more whys for which the answer is still unknown. 

Sitting on a couch and thinking about why it has happened will never change anything. Instead of questioning yourself on why it has happened, work towards the positive side on how to overcome the situation to make our life better. 

The entire world revolves around a positive note, “Everything happens for a reason.” But most of us are unaware of the reason why it is happening. When we invest more of our time on the reason, our life gets stuck at the same point, and there we feel as our life sucks. Sometimes letting things go makes life easy than holding it back.

2) Count your blessings

Life Sucks

We as human beings have a lot of problems, and we face many challenges, struggles, discouragements, ill-treat, etc., in our day to day life. With our issues wholly occupying us, we fail to recognize the things that have been driving us so far. 

We all have some blessings in our life which have to be remembered when our life sucks. Some are blessed with a good family, some with good friends, some with business, etc., 

When we see a person without food, we feel blessed in that way. When we get to see a child in the orphanage, we may feel blessed in having a beautiful family.

When you start counting your blessings, your struggles will matter very less. It is one of the easy ways to remember how kind of god is with us and to know how blessed you are compared to the rest of the people surrounding you.

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3) Surround yourselves with positive people!

Things To Do When Life Sucks

This is the best medicine when you have a dilemma on “How to not to suck at life.” People we meet in our day to day lives posses a significant impact on us. They profoundly influence our actions, whether it may be good or bad. 

We attract and transform the same with whom we surround ourselves. So, it is always important to surround ourselves with positive people who continuously uplift their lives and inspire you to uplift your life too. It is also prominent to note that “positive” doesn’t mean similar to your wavelength — the people who can motivate you to move on with your life with their approach towards their life­­ – The people who can spread their positivity towards you instead of spoiling your happiness.

4) Everything is Temporary!

We always miss remembering a universal truth “Change is constant.” Not only during the times when our life sucks, but this is an easy way to approach our lives. In our experience, we meet new people, buy new things, create new relationships, new memories, etc., But not all are permanent. Everything in life has a validity period. It is the same for our best days and our worst days because change is the only thing that remains constant.

We always need to remember that our problems don’t stay with us and it eventually leads to something else. Either it may be a lesson, a new beginning, or a new way of living. Your approach towards your life decides this. 

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5) Stop Complaining!

5 Things To Do When Life Sucks

When our life sucks or life puts us down, we try to blame others for keeping ourselves in a safe zone. This is one way to escape ourselves from guilt. Somewhere or other, we are responsible for the things that are happening in our lives. Even though it is hard to accept, but it is the way of accepting life. 

And moreover, one of the valid reasons for choosing not to complain to others is that complaining others are not going to fix your problems. Complaining develops hatred towards a person or a situation. It makes you have a larger than life image on your problems. This gradually inherits the piece of negativity into your lives. In fact, this is where your life starts to suck. As per many kinds of research, we get to know the truth that great leaders do not complain. The time spent on complaining about others can be used on how to better ourselves. 


Life is not about standing tall without falling. Life is all about falling and rising on our own feet with the lessons learned from our mistakes. Never think too deep when your life sucks. Learn from your problems, and better yourselves with the lesson learned. 

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