This is How to Achieve Big Goal and Why Small Goals Matters Most

Do you still struggle in your life and feel like you are in the same place for a long time? That’s very I know that feeling, believe me. Nobody knows it better than me. You are not alone and also the most important you are not in the same place!

Yes, you are definitely not in the same place as yesterday, a couple of months or even a year ago. The problem is that all we only want to see the big differences and if we don’t see that, then we think that we don’t succeed in our goal. This is a big mistake. If I have a goal for three years to become a millionaire and I don’t achieve that, then I think that I’m in the same place. Mistake. I’m not in the same place. If I look closer and better when I was when I put the goal and when I’m now, then I will see a big difference.

I’m not talking only for myself now, but for you too. If you not achieved full goal, that doesn’t mean that you don’t go forward. It just means that you’re making some mistakes or not putting enough effort. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t put a zero effort at all.

You probably need some motivation and we suggest you read these motivational quotes and watch these motivational speeches.

The first thing we have to do is to make one big goal and then small goals that we need to achieve before we can achieve the big goal. I will give you an example.

My big goal is to make $50,000 for one year from now. Then the small goals will be these:

  • First month I should gain 1,000 followers on every social media
  • Second month I should gain a minimum of 1,000 visitors on my website, or 1000 downloads on my app, etc. But, step by step, first I will try to gain 50 downloads or visitors for 24 hours, then another 50 the other day and at the end of the month I should gain 1000 downloads or minimum 1,000 visitors a day on a website.
  • I should constantly update my application or website and add new things or writing new articles.
  • Third month if I achieve this, I will put a goal to make $200 to the end of the month. And I will put small goals every day, for example, today I should make $10 and I will keep advertising, but not spamming my website or application, or whatever you have.
  • In the fourth month, I would see if I achieved all the goals and put bigger life goals, for example, a minimum of 2,000 visitors a day and getting at 150 downloads daily on my application.
  • And keep going and add a little goals that you first need to achieve before achieving the big goal.
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This was just an example and you should do your own plan for success and add one big goal and then a few more little goals. That can be like you must go to the top of the building, that’s the big goal. And small goals will be all the stairs. One stair is one small goal, another stair is another small goal, etc.

With all of this, I want you to say that you are not in the same place and you don’t need to be depressed. Just write everything you wanted to be done and everything that is actually done. You will see that even if all the things that you wanted aren’t done, you still have done 30-40% or even more.

I hope this article will help you achieve your life goal and get out of your depression. Stop thinking that you are in the same place. Keep going forward, no matter how small steps you are making. You can do it and you will do it.

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