7 Best Ways To Have Peace Of Mind [2023]

Do you remember when you were a kid? Life was so simple. This is a stage when you have peace of mind with no anxiety or stress whatsoever.

As we grow up we indulge ourselves in so many activities & responsibilities that our mind never finds peace.

But you must aim to keep your mind relaxed in order to be able to achieve a healthy and prosperous life.

If you wish to remain at peace with yourself even in the darkest times, start catering for the mind as much as the body. Here are a few suggestions that will benefit in your cause:

1. Minor Adjustments In Personality

In this fast-paced world, we spend most of the time doing things that we are supposed to do rather than what we wished to do.

Self Recognition is one of the first steps you must take to attain a peaceful mind.

Take some time off your hectic schedule. Maybe a few days of alone time will help.

Visit a sparsely populated area full of natural beauty. A change of scenery will cleanse your mind and will help you concentrate a bit better.

1.1 Get to know Yourself

  1. Nothing can hurt you more than an unhealthy mind.
  2. Once you have made yourself comfortable, start seeking answers for questions like: a) What makes me happy? b) Do I want to be right or happy? c) What are my biggest fears
  3. Found your answers? – Great!! You have successfully accomplished the most complex step.

Now that you know what you want in life start implementing them. The peace of mind will follow along:

1.2 Eliminate Competitiveness

Eliminate Competitiveness
  1. Always remember that you are one of a kind.
  2. Don’t start comparing your success with someone else’s.
  3. Get Happy at the success of others and use it as positive motivation.

1.3 Learn How to Deal with Frustration

Frustration is like a disease and just like every other disease, the only way to defeat it quickly is to deal with it as soon as it is spotted.

  1. Look for positive possibilities.
  2. Stay optimistic.
  3. Stop blaming your self and learn to move on.
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2. Changes in Your Daily Life

2.1 Start Hanging out with Positive People

Start hanging out with positive people

Your mind will stay healthy and positive only if your keep positivity around. Look for a social circle of people with similar interests like you. If not, make your own.

  1. Have long discussions about any topic of interest. But remember to avoid an argument.
  2. It is not necessary to do it daily. Twice in a week is sufficient to lift your spirits and will serve as a motivation to keep going.
  3. For example, if you are a fan of football, join a fan club and visit there on essential fixtures.

2.2 Meditate

peace of mind
  1. It’s good to release stress and anxiety daily with 15 to 30-minute meditation.
  2. Sit or lie down whichever feels more comfortable to you.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe.
  4. No need to take deep breaths just breathe naturally.

2.3 Get Outside and Face the Sun

Get Outside and Face the Sun
  1. We spend most of our day time indoors, which can be very harmful to the mind.
  2. At least get 10 to 20 minutes of sunlight daily.
  3. Sunlight releases serotonin to the brain. It controls anxiety and prevents your mind from getting retarded.

2.4 Exercise Yoga Aerobics

  1. Any of the above or similar activities can turn out to be a boon for your mind.
  2. Physical activity like yoga boosts your brainpower and lowers the stress levels.
  3. Hire a trainer or join a class.
  4. Try doing these activities either in the morning or evening.
  5. Perform with an empty stomach for best results.

If you are unable to find such activities close by, No problem, do it on your own. Here are two straightforward yoga exercises that you can do at home without the help of any professional trainer.

First, gather the following things: a) A yoga mat, b) Comfortable clothes like athletic shorts & t-shirts.

Exercises 1. The Cobra pose

  • Lie down flat on the floor with your face down. Make sure that your hands are placed near your shoulders and the tops of the feet stretched on the floor.
  • Keep your palms open on the floor. Stick your elbows back into your stomach area.
  • Now start pushing your feet, thighs, and palms gently to the ground.
  • Now slowly start stretching your arms while inhaling a long breath. Keep going until you lift your chest off the floor.
  • Stay into the position for about 15 to 20 seconds and then slowly get back to your original position.
  • Simple enough?
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Exercise 2. Big Toe Pose

  • Stand straight with your feet aligned, separated by a distance of about 5-6 inches.
  • Keep your legs completely straight and thigh muscles tight.
  • Lift your arms up with palms facing forward.
  • Now take a deep breath and start bending forward from your hip joint.
  • Make sure that the lower part of the body (below the hips) remains fixed and only the upper half moves.
  • Bend down and touch the fingers of your hand to the feet.
  • Stay in the position for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Now return to the original position while exhaling slowly.

2.5 Get a hobby

  1. Pick a hobby, something that makes you happy like gardening, photography, sketching or painting, cooking, etc.
  2. Whenever you get spare time, try and utilize here.
  3. This will allow you to explore yourself and your talents, creating a sense of confidence in you.
  4. Moreover, performing an enjoyable activity where results don’t matter will help increase your happiness and satisfaction with life.
  5. If you are unclear, just take a stroll down the memory lane and remember that as a kid what you loved to do. Your answer is right there.
  6. Keep a record or all that you have done or made so when you look back you’ll find peace in mind.

3. Stick to a Healthy Diet

take care of yourself quote
  1. Remember to update your food chart with’ Food for the mind’ along with ‘food for the body.’
  2. Your mind starts to sleep is there’s no food for a while.
  3. So, try having multiple small meals.
  4. Make a diet chart and including Food that is good for your mind.
  5. Try having fruits like berries and apples.
  6. Always carry a box of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, etc. along with you. Whenever you crave for Food just have these.
  7. Keep the consumption of alcohol to a minimum.
  8. Do not eat anything heavy after the sunset.
  9. Eat at least one thing you love daily.

4. Changes in Sleep Pattern

To have a peaceful mind, it is very important for you to have at least 8 hours of sound sleep.

  1. By doing so, your mind gets fully recharged, making it easier for you to concentrate.
  2. If you take small naps, then too it’s okay.
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5. Redecorate

5.1 Relationships & Communication

  1. Spend time with people that keep you happy.
  2. Stay close to the people you love, people around whom you can just be yourself.
  3. Go for late-night walks having random discussions.
  4. Establish a healthy communication channel where you can let all out.
  5. Your mind gets into a relaxed state once it acknowledges that there is someone who’s listening.

6. Changes in Your Life Style

6.1 Read

  1. Start reading books and listening to podcasts on how to prepare for challenges in life.
  2. This will keep you ready beforehand.
  3. Moreover, you can read mystery novels and let your mind create a beautiful picture by itself.
  4. This is a perfect mind exercise and will eventually lead you towards having a peaceful mind.

6.2 Set Small Goals

goal quote
  1. At the beginning of the day before jumping out of bed, take five minutes to figure out what to do today.
  2. You can maintain a journal and write all the major activities of the day, and by the end, you can check.
  3. Once you see that you are achieving what you planned, it creates a sense of happiness and rests your mind.

7. Quit Multitasking

  1. Surprised? Well, here’s the reason why.
  2. Multitasking, although it saves a lot of time but gives an invitation to anxiety and stress.
  3. Do one thing at a time, but do it to the fullest of your capabilities.
  4. By doing so, your mind need not to switch between tasks hence keeping it relaxed throughout the day.

You might be thinking, how am I going to do all these? I know, it is highly unlikely to implement all these at once. Trust me, it will take time to apply these in your daily life. Even in the initial stages, your body might resist such changes, but you can notice the peace of mind from day one.


Taking good care of your body is of utmost importance, but so is taking great care of your mind. Try to find peace of mind. Learn what makes your mind happy, what releases your anxiety and stress and communicate with people who share the same thinking as yours. Aim to achieve peace of mind by making small changes in your lives.

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