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You’ve been seeing someone new and exciting, and you want to know if this relationship has potential for the long run. Before you drive yourself crazy analyzing every little text, gesture, and date, try doing a tarot spread for relationships. A tarot reading can provide insight into the dynamics of a new connection and help determine if you’re on the right path.

This 5-card spread is designed to give you an overview of where the relationship is at and where it’s headed. The cards represent the core elements of any partnership: attraction, communication, values, challenges, and outcome. With just a glimpse of these 5 cards, you’ll gain clarity on your new love interest and better understand if you’ve found ‘the one’ or if it’s time to get back out there. So take a deep breath, focus your intention on your new sweetheart, and see what the tarot has to say about your romantic fate. The answers you seek await in the cards.

What Is the Relationship Tarot Spread?

The relationship tarot spread is a powerful tool for gaining insight into your connection with another person. It provides an overview of the dynamics of the relationship, where it’s at now, and what the potential is for the future.

To do a relationship tarot reading, you’ll need a tarot deck and a quiet space where you can focus. Next, shuffle the cards thoroughly while thinking about your relationship. Then, lay out the cards in a spread. The most common relationship spread uses six cards:

Tarot spread for relationship
Tarot spread for relationship
  1. You: This card represents you, your energy and what you bring to the relationship.
  2. The other person: This card signifies the energy of the other person and what they contribute.
  3. The relationship: This card signifies the current state and health of the relationship. It can indicate whether you’re in a good place or if there are challenges.
  4. Strengths: This card highlights the positive aspects of the relationship that sustain you both. It could be shared interests, values or life goals that provide a solid foundation.
  5. Challenges: This card reveals obstacles, issues or weak points that need work. It could indicate poor communication, jealousy, lack of intimacy or trust that requires effort to overcome.
  6. Potential: This card offers insight into what the relationship might become if you’re able to build on the strengths and overcome the challenges. It signifies the relationship’s highest potential.

A relationship tarot reading can lead to profound realizations and a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner. With time and effort, you can nurture your relationship into what the cards say it could be.

How to Do the Relationship Tarot Spread

To do a relationship tarot spread, you’ll need a tarot deck, some quiet time, and an open mind.###

First, shuffle the cards thoroughly while thinking about your relationship and the insights you’re seeking. Focus your intention for the reading on gaining clarity and guidance.

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Next, lay out the cards in a 3-card horizontal line. This represents the past, present and future of the relationship. The card on the left represents the foundation the relationship was built on. The middle card signifies the current state, and the right card indicates where things are headed if nothing changes.

Below the horizontal line, place a card to represent your partner’s energy and a card to represent your own energy. These provide deeper insights into the dynamics between you two right now.

Finally, deal three more cards in a vertical line to represent potential challenges, external influences, and the overall outcome. The outcome card gives you an idea of where the relationship can go if you’re both willing to put in the effort to resolve challenges and improve communication.

By interpreting the imagery, suits and positions of the cards, you’ll gain valuable perspective into the relationship’s strengths, weaknesses, obstacles and potential. Then you can have an honest heart-to-heart with your partner about what you’ve learned. The tarot spread can be a catalyst for building a stronger connection and improving your future together.

With some reflection and an open dialog, this tarot spread can be just the thing to rekindle your relationship or provide the closure you both need. The choice is up to you!



Love and Romance: 5 Powerful Relationship Tarot Spreads

When it comes to relationship tarot spreads, you have many options to choose from. Here are 5 powerful spreads to gain insight into your love life and connection with your partner.

Past, Present, Future

This simple 3-card spread looks at where your relationship has been, where it is now, and where it’s heading. The past card represents the foundation of your relationship and how you got to where you are today. The present card signifies your current dynamics and challenges. The future card provides guidance on where your relationship is going if you continue on your present course.

Relationship Cross

This 5-card spread looks at key aspects of your relationship in the shape of a cross. The center card represents the core of your relationship. The card above signifies what’s working well. The card below indicates what needs improvement. The card on the left shows what’s impacting your relationship from the outside. The card on the right represents the key to improving your relationship.


Do you wonder how your partner really feels about you? This 4-card spread examines the emotional dynamics in your relationship. The first card represents your partner’s feelings. The second card signifies your feelings. The third card shows the combined feelings in the relationship. The fourth card offers guidance to improve the emotional connection between you.

Challenges and Solutions

This 6-card spread identifies three challenges in your relationship along with solutions for overcoming them. The first three cards represent the main challenges. The final three cards provide solutions and advice for navigating these challenges in a constructive way.

Relationship Journey

For a comprehensive look at where your relationship has been and where it’s going, try the 10-card Relationship Journey spread. The cards move through important milestones and events in the relationship from first meeting to long-term commitment. This spread provides deep insight into the dynamics of your relationship and how to strengthen your connection at each stage of the journey.

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Interpreting the Cards in the Relationship Spread

Now that you have laid out your relationship spread, it’s time to interpret the meaning of each card and how they relate to each other. The cards work together to paint an overall picture of the relationship and where it’s headed.

Past Influences

The first two cards represent the foundation of the relationship—how you came together and what brought you to this point. Look for themes around initial attraction, shared interests or values, or life circumstances that sparked a connection. The closer the cards are, the more these influences still impact the present state of the relationship. Some distance between them shows these influences have lessened over time.

Present State

The middle two cards reveal the current dynamic between you and your partner. They highlight the relationship’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges or opportunities. Notice the moods, attitudes and interactions portrayed in the imagery. Are the characters facing towards or away from each other? What emotions are depicted? The closer the cards are, the more balance and harmony in the present. Greater distance shows more tension or issues to be worked through.

Future Potential

The final two cards represent what may come if the relationship continues on its current trajectory. They point to the likelihood of staying together or growing apart, increased commitment or drifting away from each other. Closer cards suggest a bright future and deeper partnership ahead. More distant cards warn the relationship is headed in opposite directions unless changes are made.

The Spread as a Whole

Step back and look at the spread in its entirety. Notice the flow and connections between all six cards. A cohesive spread with close, positively associated cards signifies an overall healthy, loving relationship with potential for longevity. Greater distances or negatively associated cards reveal a relationship that may be more challenging or unstable without adjustments. But the future is unwritten—the power to improve your relationship is in your hands!

Sample Relationship Tarot Spreads and Readings

A simple 3-card spread is a great place to start when reading tarot for relationships. This spread provides insight into the past, present, and potential future of the relationship.

Past Influences

The first card represents the relationship’s past and foundation. It can signify how you met, challenges you’ve already faced together, or other events that have shaped your connection. This card provides context for your current situation.

Present State

The middle card signifies the relationship’s current state. It represents where you both are now, how you’re relating to each other, and the overall health and dynamics of the relationship. Look for both strengths and weaknesses to better understand what’s working and not working.

Future Potential

The final card represents the relationship’s potential future. It shows the likely path forward and possible outcomes if current circumstances continue. A positive card indicates the relationship is moving in a good direction. A more challenging card suggests obstacles to overcome or changes needed to improve the relationship.

This simple spread can provide a helpful snapshot of a relationship. By examining the journey so far, identifying both assets and liabilities in the present, and gaining insight into the possible future, you’ll have a better sense of the relationship’s overall prospects and potential. Use the information from the reading to build on strengths, address weaknesses, and make choices that will lead to the brightest future for your relationship.

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A 3-card relationship spread is a great place to start, but as with any tarot reading, take the information that resonates and leave the rest. You are the expert on your own relationship, so interpret the cards in a way that feels right for your unique situation.

FAQ About Relationship Tarot Spreads

A tarot spread focused on your relationship can provide insight into the dynamics between you and your partner. Here are some common questions people have about relationship tarot spreads.

How many cards should I use?

For a relationship reading, a simple 3 to 5 card spread is a great place to start. More cards can make the reading overly complex, especially if you’re new to tarot. A 3 card spread can look at the past, present and future of the relationship. A 5 card spread adds cards for strengths and weaknesses, or internal and external influences.

Should we do the reading together?

Doing a joint reading with your partner can be a great way to gain a shared perspective on the relationship. However, individual readings may feel more comfortable, especially if there are sensitive issues to address. Either approach can be insightful, so go with what feels right for your situation.

What type of spread should I choose?

In addition to a straightforward past/present/future spread, some other options for relationship tarot include:

•Connection spread: Looks at the emotional, physical and spiritual connections between you.

•Compatibility spread: Compares your core values, life goals, communication styles, etc. to assess compatibility.

•Challenge spread: Pinpoints current challenges and obstacles, and advises how to overcome them.

•Intimacy spread: Provides guidance on emotional and physical intimacy, romance and reigniting the spark.

•Trust spread: Helps determine the level of trust and honesty in the relationship, and how to build greater trust.

The possibilities are endless. Choose a spread that focuses on the specific insights you’re seeking about your relationship. With an open and receptive mindset, a tarot reading can lead to meaningful discoveries and a deeper understanding between you and your partner.


So there you have it, a tarot spread designed to give you insight into your relationship’s past, present, and potential future. The cards have spoken – now it’s up to you to interpret the messages and act on the guidance. Relationships take work, commitment, compromise, and a willingness to grow together. But with open communication and by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner, you can build a foundation of trust and support. The journey may not always be easy, but with the right person by your side, it can be rewarding in ways you never imagined. Now go forth, spread those cards, and may they illuminate your path to a happy and fulfilling partnership!

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