A Mystical Moonlit Reading: The Full Moon Tarot Spread

Have you ever felt the pull of the full moon? There’s something magical about the night sky illuminated by the bright glow of the moon. The full moon has long been associated with increased intuition, psychic abilities, and connecting with the spiritual realm. If you’ve been feeling called to dive deeper into your own intuition or connect with the mystical side of life, the full moon is the perfect time to do a tarot reading. The full moon tarot spread is designed to give you insight into your life path, spiritual journey, and connection with the universe. By reading the cards under the light of the full moon, you open yourself up to receiving messages and guidance not available during other times. The full moon amplifies your intuition and the tarot cards become a conduit for spiritual insight and revelation. Are you ready to see what messages the full moon and tarot cards have for you? Let’s begin.

What Is the Full Moon Tarot Spread?

The Full Moon Tarot spread is a powerful 3-card spread used during the full moon to gain insight into your life and spiritual path.

1. Present Situation

The first card represents your current situation and where you are now. Look at the imagery and meaning to identify challenges you’re facing or the overall theme in your life recently. Are there any patterns or lessons you need to acknowledge? This card provides clarity on your present circumstances.

2. Release

The second card signifies what you need to release or let go of. This could be limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, destructive habits, etc. The full moon is an optimal time for purging and cleansing, so determine how the card’s message relates to your life and what is holding you back. Make a commitment to consciously release whatever is no longer serving you.

3. Manifestation

The final card represents what will come to fruition in your life. Now that you have identified what needs releasing, this card shows you what can blossom and thrive. It may reveal new opportunities, relationships, or life paths unfolding before you. Focus your energy on manifesting the positive message of this card through motivation, action and intention.

The Full Moon Tarot spread is a simple yet powerful way to gain insight and guidance on your spiritual journey. By releasing old patterns under the full moon’s light, you open yourself to new beginnings and blossoming manifestations in your life. What messages will the cards reveal for you?

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How to Perform the Full Moon Tarot Spread

Full Moon Tarot Spread
Full Moon Tarot Spread

To perform a Full Moon tarot reading, you’ll need a tarot deck, a notebook to record your readings, and the light of the full moon.

Find a Quiet Space

Find a quiet space away from distractions where you can spread out your tarot cards. Sit facing the full moon, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to center your mind and body. Visualize the moonlight filling you with insight and wisdom.

Shuffle and Spread the Cards

Shuffle your tarot deck to energetically connect with it. Spread the cards face down in a circle, spiral, or crescent shape – whatever feels right. Place one card face up in the center to represent the full moon’s energy.

Interpret the Cards

Flip over the remaining cards one by one. Note each card’s meaning and imagery, and how its position relates to the other cards. The full moon card in the center represents your core self or purpose. The cards immediately surrounding it point to your current emotional state or key relationships. Cards further away signify more distant influences or future possibilities.

Record Your Reading

Once done, record the details of your reading in your notebook. Note the date, the positions and meanings of each card, and your interpretations. Revisit this full moon reading at the next full moon to see what has come to pass and gain new insights.

With practice, the Full Moon tarot spread can become a powerful tool for gaining clarity and perspective. By honoring the rhythm of the moon, you open yourself to profound guidance and a deeper understanding of your place in the universe.

Interpreting the Cards in the Full Moon Spread

When interpreting the cards in the Full Moon spread, consider their meaning and relationships. The cards you draw will provide insight into your life and any questions you may have during this powerful lunar phase.

The Present

The card in the center of the spread represents your current situation or state of mind. Examine the imagery and meaning to gain clarity on where you are right now. Are there any obstacles or factors influencing your thoughts and actions recently? This card serves as an anchor for the rest of the reading.

The Challenge

The card at the bottom of the spread indicates an immediate challenge or difficulty you may be facing. There could be a problematic situation, strained relationship or internal struggle impacting you currently. See if the card’s meaning resonates and provides guidance on constructive steps you can take to resolve this challenge under the light of the full moon.

The Opposing Factor

Directly opposite the central card is one representing opposing or conflicting energies in your life. This could be a person with a different perspective, a contrasting set of circumstances or an internal battle of wills. Determine how to find balance and compromise between these opposing forces.

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### The Outcome

The top card in the spread symbolizes the likely outcome or resolution based on your current trajectory. Examine this card closely to see if it’s a result you want to manifest. You may need to make adjustments or tap into the full moon’s power to steer the outcome in your favor.

By interpreting the relationships between the cards and their individual meanings in the context of the full moon’s influence, you’ll gain useful insights and clarity on your situation. The mystical energy of the moonlit night can guide you to the answers and next steps you seek. Let intuition be your lantern.

Sample Full Moon Tarot Reading and Analysis

A Mystical Moonlit Reading: The Full Moon Tarot Spread

Sample Full Moon Tarot Reading and Analysis

For this spread, deal out 7 cards in a crescent moon shape. The cards represent the following:

  1. Your current energy and focus: The Magician. You feel empowered and able to manifest your goals right now. This is an ideal time to take action.
  2. What should be released: Five of Cups. Let go of regrets, sorrow or disappointment from the past. Forgive yourself and others. Release negative feelings.
  3. What should be embraced: The Sun. Embrace optimism, joy and positivity. Spread warmth and light to others. Follow your bliss.
  4. Guidance from the moon: High Priestess. Listen to your intuition and the messages from your dreams or synchronicities. The answers you seek are within.
  5. The unknown: Wheel of Fortune. Expect the unexpected. Life’s changes are out of your control, so practice adaptability and go with the flow. Luck is on your side.
  6. Integration and balance: Temperance. Find harmony between extremes. Moderation and patience will serve you well. Blend intuition and logic, work and rest, solitude and socializing.
  7. Affirmation and closing message: Six of Wands. Victory and success are within your grasp. Have confidence in yourself and continue moving forward purposefully. You’ve got this!

In summary, this full moon tarot reading indicates it’s time to release the past, embrace optimism and follow your inner guidance. Although life changes may arise, keeping balance and persevering will lead to success and triumph. The cards suggest you have the power and ability to achieve your goals at this time. Overall it’s an encouraging and inspiring spread!

Tips for Getting the Most From the Full Moon Tarot Spread

To get the most insight from the Full Moon Tarot spread, follow these tips:

Focus your question

Before beginning the spread, take a few moments to focus your mind and clarify the question you want answered. Write it down if that helps. A focused, well-defined question will lead to the most meaningful interpretation of the cards.

Pay attention to imagery and symbolism

Look closely at the imagery and symbols on each card as you lay them out. What thoughts, feelings or messages do they evoke for you? What meanings do the symbols have in mythology or folklore? The imagery provides an additional layer of intuition to guide your interpretation.

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Consider card positions carefully

The placement of each card in the spread has significance. Think about how the meaning of each card relates to the position it occupies. For example, how does the “past influence” card illuminate events that led up to your current situation? How might the “future possibility” card point to what may come if you continue on your current path?

Look for story and relationships

Look at the spread as a whole and see if an overarching story emerges from the combination of cards, their positions and your interpretations. Consider if there are any relationships or connections between the cards that provide further insight or advice. The story that unfolds can be a profound message for you.

Be open to intuition

While knowledge of card meanings and spread positions provides a helpful framework, be open to intuitive insights as well. Pay attention to any gut feelings or “aha” moments of understanding you have while doing the reading. Your intuition is a powerful tool for connecting with the wisdom of the tarot.

Reflect on the reading

After the reading, reflect on the messages, advice or insights you gained. How does this guidance resonate with you? Are there any actions you need to take or changes to make in response? Revisiting the reading in the coming days and weeks can continue to provide new layers of meaning.

The full moon tarot spread, when approached with an open and inquiring mind, can be a source of deep wisdom and clarity. By following these tips, you’ll gain the most profound and transformative insights from this magical spread.


So there you have it, a magical spread to try under the light of the full moon. Pull out your favorite tarot deck, light some candles, burn some incense and create a sacred space. The full moon’s energy is perfect for gaining insight into your journey and illuminating the path ahead. Do a reading for yourself or offer to do one for a friend. Either way, the full moon tarot spread is sure to provide an enchanting experience and help you tap into your intuition. Once you’ve done a reading under the glow of the moon, you’ll be hooked. The full moon tarot spread – a simple yet powerful way to connect with the lunar energy and gain clarity through the cards. Give it a try and see where the moon takes you!

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