49 [Successful] Relationship Journal Prompts

A good relationship makes you feel safe, caring, happy, and respected. However, there is nothing to say that all relations are perfect. Relationship journal prompts help you to improve and convert into a successful relationship.

You can use this Prompts for Toxic, Long distance relationship, Couples Therapy, Dating and more, you can download as PDF as well from below.

In a relationship, you don’t need to share all the importance with your partner. Instead, you do journaling. Later it gives you more profound insight. You can judge things yourself. If you want to overcome all these challenges, these 49 prompts will help you to make your relationship successful. So keep reading to the end.

How to Journal about your Relationship?

Don’t overthink the writing approach. There is no formula or perfect format for the journal. Write the thoughts you want to write, but try to keep it simple and clear.

Write whatever comes to mind. It can be a good conversation with your partner that happened last week.

Relationship writing prompts are a bit easier than usual day writing.

A Love Journal: 100 Things I Love about You (100 Things I Love About You Journal)
  • Kovacs, Cara (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 126 Pages - 09/15/2020 (Publication Date) - Rockridge Press (Publisher)

What do you write in Relationship Journal Prompts?

You write something that happened with you or with your partner in a relationship. It could be a story when you met him or her, or your favorite movie.

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It can be relationship building journal prompts, and you could journal about your life story, that your partner doesn’t know though.

In relationship journal prompts, love marriage journal prompts that remind him or her to ask their loved one what he or she thinks about now?

What do you put in a Journal for your Boyfriend?

What is a love writing prompt? Well, this is similar to a love letter. The only difference is, it gives you a direction to your thought.

If you are intending to share a diary with your partner, you write future self to clarify and to give him some value with your journal.

This journal will be a memory book for you. People learn from their thoughts later. Even it can turn into your next biography, a book, or something else you’ve never imagined.

These are the examples below you put into the journal:

  • Relationship Writing Prompts
  • Dating Journal Prompts
  • Breakup Journal Prompts
  • Journal Prompts about Love
  • Couples Communication Journal
  • First meeting Relationship Journal Prompts

Do you know a social connection is linked with your mental and physical health? As healthier your relationship is, as much you feel deeper resilience, high positivity, and better wellbeing.

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49 Healthy Relationship Journal Prompts List

Relationship Journal Prompts have designed to help you to be a better person. A better to your loved one and make them feel you care for him. These beautiful relationship journal ideas are the steps you take to examine their relationships with you.

  1. What is challenging in your love?
  2. What is rewarding in your love?
  3. Journal, how do you feel about having children?
  4. What do you think about your current relationship?
  5. Do you have difficulties calling for help?
  6. How hard do you feel when you need help?
  7. How I change and enhance to communicate
  8. Where do you want to take your relationship in the next 6 months?
  9. Who do you want to have a close friend and why?
  10. Write the compliment you got recently.
  11. How satisfied are you with your relationship?
  12. According to you, the relationship should be like this.
  13. According to you, what is the love language? Write it beautifully.
  14. How can I listen to him in my life?
  15. How does my partner make me feel loved?
  16. The best traits I bring into a relationship?
  17. Journal, when did you help your partner?
  18. How does my love make me a better person?
  19. How can I bring more love into my relationship?
  20. Do you like making friends on social media?
  21. What kind of quality do you want to see in your friends?
  22. Ask yourself who drives me crazy, but I love it anyway?
  23. Do you judge your friends for any reason?
  24. What do you think is good communication for you?
  25. Who is the person you would like to go on a date with, and why?
  26. What are the 3 qualities that you admire to your lover?
  27. How do you want your partner to look?
  28. What do you think forgiveness means? How should your partner apologize?
  29. Does your partner listen to you or why not?
  30. Who needs you right now?
  31. According to you, which person you need in your life.
  32. Why do you love your partner more?
  33. Who are those 3 friends you can’t say “No”?
  34. I want to improve this one thing in my relationship this month.
  35. How can I be a great listener?
  36. Why is my partner angry with me?
  37. When did I first meet him?
  38. Why doesn’t he love me? Do I do that?
  39. Why did I like him on social media? Should I move further with him?
  40. According to me what kind of romance should happen in our relationship
  41. Journal, how does being in love affect your life?
  42. According to you what is the real meaning of love?
  43. Why do I get angry with my love most of the time?
  44. 10 things that are special about your relationship.
  45. Is love a clear communication, and how should I be maintained
  46. What do I mean by family?
  47. Do I accept my partner for who they are?
  48. what are the things you love and what brings more fun
  49. Describe when you first realized that you loved your partner.
relationship journal prompts
Relationship Journal Prompts
A Love Journal: 100 Things I Love about You (100 Things I Love About You Journal)
  • Kovacs, Cara (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 126 Pages - 09/15/2020 (Publication Date) - Rockridge Press (Publisher)


The relationship is considered sacred. But divine relationships need not be sour.
And this 49 relationship journal prompts will definitely help you a lot in reducing this sourness and making your relationship stronger and successful.

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Practice these couples’ communication journals. There are hundreds of people who get benefited from it.

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