Temperance as Feelings: Understanding Love & Emotional balance

Ever wondered what the Temperance card represents in tarot when it comes to your emotional state? You’ve drawn the Temperance card in your spread and now you’re trying to figure out what it means for how you’re feeling these days. The Temperance card stands for finding balance, patience, and moderation in your emotional life. Your feelings may have felt out of whack recently, all over the place and hard to pin down. But drawing this card is a sign that you’re ready to achieve an equilibrium with your emotions. You have the ability now to be moderate and patient, not getting too high or too low. Your feelings are stabilizing and you’re able to flow between different emotional states with grace and calmness. The Temperance card is letting you know you’ve found your center and an oasis of calm in your emotional world. Your feelings may not be the most exciting at the moment but you’re in a good, steady place.

Understanding the Temperance Card

Temperance as Feelings
Temperance as Feelings

The Temperance card in tarot represents feelings of balance, moderation and patience. ###

When Temperance appears in a reading focused on your emotional state or relationships, it’s a sign to find your inner equilibrium. This card suggests you need to reconcile opposing forces in your life and maintain an even keel.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are there any emotional extremes you need to temper? Maybe you’re prone to overreacting or being too fearful. Practice staying calm and responding in a measured way.

  • Do you need to find a middle ground in a relationship or situation? Compromise and understanding can help resolve conflicts. Be willing to meet others halfway.

  • Are you being impatient about something? Take a step back and try to be more accepting of delays or unforeseen obstacles. Stay optimistic while also being realistic.

The Temperance card reminds you that patience and balance are virtues. Don’t get carried away by passions or desires. Stay anchored in the present moment. With time and effort, you can achieve an inner peace that radiates outwards.

When this card appears, embrace moderation and cultivate equilibrium in all areas of your life. Harmony within and without – that is the message of the Temperance card. Stay open, flexible and willing to synthesize opposing viewpoints. Your balanced perspective will serve you well.

Temperance as Feelings Represents Balance and Moderation

The Temperance card represents balance, moderation, and patience in your emotions and relationships. It signifies that you’ve achieved an inner stability and calmness.

Finding the Middle Ground

Life is about balance – not too much or too little of anything. When the Temperance card appears, it’s a sign you need to find the middle ground in some area of your life. Maybe you’ve been overindulging in unhealthy habits or not taking good enough care of yourself. Or perhaps you’ve been too clingy in your relationships or closed off in your communication.

The Temperance card calls you to cultivate patience and moderation. Scale back on excess and create healthy boundaries. Open your heart and spend quality time with loved ones. Find ways to relieve stress and nurture yourself each day.

When you achieve balance and harmony in your life, you’ll feel at peace and able to handle difficulties with grace and composure. So take a step back and examine where you could use more equilibrium and restraint. Make self-care a priority and be fully present in each moment. Moderation and compassion are the keys to wellbeing.

With the Temperance card, you’re guided to walk the middle path. And when you do, you’ll find tranquility and contentment. Life’s richest blessings are found in simplicity and moderation.

Interpreting Temperance in a Feelings Context

When the Temperance card appears in a feelings reading, it suggests feelings of balance, moderation and patience.

You’re likely experiencing a sense of equilibrium in your emotional state. Your feelings aren’t too extreme in any direction. There’s a steady, peaceful tranquility within you. You feel centered and secure.

This card also represents harmony between opposites. You’re able to see both sides of a situation and integrate them, finding a middle ground. Any inner conflicts you’ve been grappling with are resolving into a place of greater understanding and acceptance.

With Temperance, you have an even keel and level head. You’re not reacting impulsively or impatiently. There’s no urgency or impatience. You recognize that some situations require time and space before action. So you’re willing to pause and reflect before responding or making a decision about something emotionally charged.

Overall, the Temperance card signifies a balanced, moderate and patient approach to your feelings and emotional well-being. Some keywords to describe the energies include:

  • Composed

  • Restrained

  • Tolerant

  • Flexible

  • Accommodating

If you’ve been going through a turbulent time, finding Temperance in a feelings reading is a sign you’ve reached calmer waters. You’ve found your center again and re-established emotional stability and control. With this re-balancing comes an inner stillness and tranquility that permeates your being.

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So take a deep breath and enjoy this moment of equilibrium and harmony within. Temperance reminds you to embrace patience and moderation for your long term well-being and happiness.

Temperance Can Indicate Emotional Equilibrium

When the Temperance card appears in a reading focused on your feelings, it suggests you have found an emotional equilibrium. You feel balanced and stable, able to see situations clearly without being overly influenced by emotions.

Finding the Middle Ground

The angel in the Temperance card is a symbol of harmony and moderation. Like the angel, you have a calm, moderate approach to your feelings and relationships. You recognize extremes of emotion are rarely constructive and strive to find the middle ground. Compromise and patience come easily to you now.

Rather than reacting impulsively, you thoughtfully evaluate situations before responding. You give yourself space to process your emotions before taking action. This results in balanced, well-considered choices that you are unlikely to regret later.

  • You feel at peace with yourself and your circumstances.

  • Relationships feel cooperative and harmonious.

  • You handle difficulties in a composed, rational manner.

Go With the Flow

With the Temperance card, you have an ability to go with the flow. You accept what comes your way with equanimity, rather than trying to force situations to suit your desires. This flexible, adaptable attitude helps you navigate challenges with grace.

You recognize that life has ups and downs, joys and sorrows. You appreciate each moment as it comes, not clinging to emotions or wanting to control outcomes. Your calm acceptance gives you an inner stillness that sustains you through changing circumstances.

Overall, the Temperance card suggests you have achieved an enviable balance of heart and mind. You can enjoy life’s emotional richness without being ruled by your feelings. This equilibrium gives you patience, clarity and wisdom to handle whatever comes your way.

Using Temperance for Self-Reflection

The Temperance card often represents balance, moderation, patience, and harmony. When it appears in a reading focused on your feelings, it suggests you may be experiencing a sense of equilibrium in your emotional state. You feel at peace within yourself and with your situation.

  • Take time for self-reflection. The appearance of Temperance is an ideal opportunity to look inward. Examine how you’re truly feeling and whether there are any imbalances you need to address. Make sure you’re listening to your heart and intuition.

  • Practice patience and moderation. Don’t make any rash decisions or react in extreme ways. Stay calm and composed. Think before you speak or act. Temperance reminds you that slow, steady progress is the way to achieve your goals.

Find your inner harmony

A balanced, moderate approach will serve you well right now in all areas of your life. Look for ways to simplify your routine and avoid excess. Make sure to schedule in time for the things that replenish you like meditation, yoga, exercise, art, music, time in nature, etc. When your physical, mental and emotional selves are in alignment, you’ll experience an inner peace that radiates outwards.

  • Take a step back if you start to feel overwhelmed or emotionally reactive. Remind yourself that this too shall pass and your equilibrium will return. Stay optimistic by focusing on the big picture rather than getting bogged down in small upsets. Your steady, calm influence can be a source of comfort for others during this time.

Temperance reminds you that patience and moderation lead to harmony and wellbeing. Your emotional balance is a stabilizing force that allows you to thoughtfully work through challenging feelings or events in your own time and in your own way. Appreciate each moment of serenity and use it as an opportunity to refuel your patience and strength of spirit. The appearance of Temperance suggests you have the inner resources to handle whatever comes your way.

Why We Need Temperance in Our Emotions

To understand the card of temperance, one must understand the sway emotions hold over the soul. Unbridled emotions, like wild beasts, can cloud our reason and judgment. Yet they are a vital part of our humanity, requiring temperance.

The Pendulum Swings Both Ways

The key is balance. Let your emotions flow, but exercise temperance and do not let them rule you. Experience the full depth of joy and sorrow, but remain anchored in temperance and card equanimity. Those who repress all emotion lose touch with an essential part of themselves, demonstrating a lack of temperance. The ability to express and manage emotions is like playing a card in the game of life. But those who lack temperance and are carried away by every passing card live in chaos.

Moderation and self-restraint will lead to harmony within. Make space for emotions, but do not identify with them. This is the key to practicing temperance in life. See them as fleeting visitors, like cards in a deck, clouds drifting through an open sky of temperance. Your true nature, like a silent witness, remains still and untouched, observing everything from the sidelines without playing its card.

This middle way, the path of temperance, leads to wisdom. The card of temperance guides us on this path. Your vision clears as emotional storms subside into stillness. With a balance card comes insight, as you perceive situations from a place of calm detachment. From here, card choices become obvious and you act with compassion.

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A Lifelong Practice

Cultivating temperance is a lifelong practice. Do not judge yourself for moments of imbalance but gently guide your awareness back to center. Whether it’s a credit card or a debit card, remember to stay centered. Be patient and kind with yourself, as with a child learning to walk steadily for the first time. Remember to always have your card on hand. Over days and years, temperance will become second nature.

With temperance comes happiness, health, and inner peace that is not easily disturbed. This card brings balance and tranquility to your life. This is the gift of balancing our emotional nature, finding the eye within the storm. The card represents this gift. Keep walking the path, and you will come to know your deepest self. Along the way, don’t forget to bring your card.

How to Practice Temperance in Daily Life

To practice temperance in your daily life, you must first look within and reflect on your own actions and choices. It is important to be mindful of how you use your card, whether it be a credit card or a debit card, and to exercise self-control when making purchases. By being conscious of your spending habits and not overusing your card, you can cultivate a sense of balance and moderation in your financial life. There, you will find the truth that emotions, like a card, ebb and flow like the tides. As the moon holds sway over the oceans and governs the waters, it also influences the emotions of your heart, just like a card.

Listen to Your Heartbeat

Sit in silence and turn your focus inward. Place a hand over your heart and feel its rhythmic pulse. This is your card. With each beat, your heart is speaking. Listen for its messages, however faint. In those whispers, you will hear when passion begins to stir the card waters.

Observe the Waves

Watch how emotions, like waves upon the shore, rise and fall, just as a card game unfolds. Note how the card gains in size and intensity, then breaks and recedes again into the depths. Seek the spaces between each wave. There you will find calm seas – your natural state of balance and equilibrium. This state of calmness is like a card that you can always play to restore your inner harmony.

Ride the Swell

Do not seek to still the card waters, for emotions give life meaning and beauty. Instead, learn to ride each swell with card courage and grace. A skilled surfer does not fight the wave but flows with it, like a card. They know when to paddle hard and when to glide, how to find the curl just before it crests, and how to bend their card course. Practice makes perfect. In time, you will become adept at riding life’s emotional waves without losing your way or being pulled under. It’s like mastering the art of balancing on a surfboard or playing a strategic move in a game of cards.

Anchor in Wisdom

To ride the tides without capsizing, you need an anchor card. Let wisdom be your card anchor, holding you steady in the deep. When emotions run high, drop your anchor of wisdom. Pause and reflect before acting rashly. Consider how fleeting this card moment will seem in time’s expanse. Temper your reactions by seeing the bigger picture. Make choices you will look upon with contentment when the waters calm once more.

Through constant practice, temperance will become your nature. You will know serenity amidst the storms and find beauty in each and every wave. The key lies within, so listen to your heart – it whispers the way.

Benefits of Emotional Temperance

When you achieve emotional temperance, the benefits that flow into your life are plentiful. The universe will open itself up to you in wondrous ways.

Inner Peace

With balanced emotions comes an inner calm and tranquility. No longer will you be tossed about by the tumultuous seas of anger, fear, and anxiety. You’ll greet each day with a sense of peaceful acceptance and equanimity. Stress will melt away as you realize you have the power to choose your reaction in any situation.

Improved Health

Emotional balance leads to physical balance. Your body and mind are intimately connected. When your mind is tense and worried, your body reflects that state. But when your mind is at ease, your body can relax as well. You’ll likely notice decreased levels of stress hormones like cortisol, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, and an overall sense of well-being.

Stronger Relationships

Emotionally temperate people make better friends and partners. They are less reactive and judgmental, able to stay calm and rational even in heated moments. Your sensitivity towards others will grow as your self-awareness expands. Compassion and kindness will flow more freely from your heart. People will be drawn to your peaceful presence and stable nature.

Increased Resilience

With balanced emotions, you’ll be able to navigate challenges and setbacks with grace and wisdom. You’ll see that this too shall pass and maintain an attitude of faith and optimism. Your flexibility and adaptability will allow you to bend without breaking in the face of difficulties or change. You’ll discover an inner strength and courage you never knew you possessed.

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The benefits of emotional temperance are profound. As you walk the path towards balance and moderation in all things, you’ll find true happiness, health, and harmony. The future will be bright as you let your inner light shine through.

Cultivating Inner Peace Through Temperance

To cultivate inner peace through temperance, you must first understand your emotional climate. Your feelings are as changeable as the weather, shifting and swirling within you each day. At times emotions may rage like a storm, at others remain calm like a still sea.

To find tranquility amidst the changes, practice detachment from extreme emotions. Do not identify yourself with feelings of anger, joy, sorrow or passion. Rather, observe them with patience and compassion, allowing them to pass over and through you. Know that you are not your emotions. You are the awareness that perceives them.

When emotions arise strongly, do not act immediately. Pause and breathe, gaining perspective. Ask yourself, what is the source of this reaction? Often we are stirred by small things that tap into deeper hurts or longings inside us. See if you can address the deeper need, rather than react to surface provocations. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Make time each day for quiet reflection. Spend a few minutes focused on your breathing, embracing the silence within. This simple practice helps you reconnect with your inner calm, the place of peace that is always there beneath the changing emotions. From this place of centeredness you can more wisely navigate the ups and downs of each day.

Choose peace over drama. When faced with emotional situations, respond with empathy, compassion and patience. Do not add fuel to the fire. Remain balanced in your own reactions, speaking in a soft and measured tone. This will help defuse tensions and allow others to also tap into their own inner calm.

By cultivating detachment and stillness within, your ability to experience peace amidst emotional weather will grow. You will become an oasis of calm for yourself and others, abiding in the tranquil depths at your core.

Upright Temperance as Feelings: Others’ Perception, Reversed Temperance as Feelings: Others’ Perception

Upright Temperance as Feelings: Others’ Perception

  • Features

    • Upright Temperance is often seen as a harmonious and balanced emotional state.

    • Others perceive individuals experiencing Upright Temperance as having a calm and composed demeanor.

    • People view those with Upright Temperance as being able to navigate through challenges with grace and poise.

    • It is often associated with a sense of moderation and self-control.

  • Pros

    • Others may find it comforting to be around someone who embodies Upright Temperance, as it creates a sense of stability and tranquility.

    • People may trust and rely on individuals with Upright Temperance, as they are seen as level-headed and able to make rational decisions.

    • This emotional state can lead to healthier relationships, as it promotes open communication and understanding.

  • Cons

    • Some may perceive individuals with Upright Temperance as being emotionally detached or unresponsive.

    • Others might find it challenging to connect with someone who always appears calm and composed, as they may prefer more expressive emotions.

    • People may mistake Upright Temperance for indifference or lack of passion, leading to misunderstandings or underestimation of one’s true feelings.

Reversed Temperance as Feelings: Others’ Perception

  • Features

    • Reversed Temperance is often seen as an emotional state characterized by imbalance and extremes.

    • Others perceive individuals experiencing Reversed Temperance as being erratic and unpredictable in their emotions.

    • People may view those with Reversed Temperance as lacking self-control and struggling to find a middle ground.

  • Pros

    • In certain situations, Reversed Temperance can bring a sense of excitement and intensity to relationships or experiences.

    • It may allow individuals to explore different emotional states and perspectives, leading to personal growth and self-discovery.

    • Others might find the passionate and intense emotions associated with Reversed Temperance intriguing or captivating.

  • Cons

    • Reversed Temperance can lead to impulsive behavior and poor decision-making, as individuals may struggle to find a balanced approach.

    • Others may find it challenging to trust or rely on someone with Reversed Temperance, as they may appear unpredictable or unstable.

    • This emotional state can strain relationships, as the extreme emotions associated with Reversed Temperance may be overwhelming for others.


So there you have it. The Temperance tarot card represents balance, patience, and moderation in your emotional life. Next time you do a tarot reading and Temperance appears, take a deep breath and reflect on staying centered and keeping your feelings in check. Avoid extremes and practice responding, not reacting. Your emotional wellbeing will thank you. Managing your emotions is a life skill that takes constant work, but with the guidance of Temperance, you’ll find the middle way. Stay calm and carry on!

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