Gain Insight and Direction With This Guidance Tarot Spread

You’re looking for a little insight and direction. Maybe life has thrown you a few curveballs recently and you’re not sure what to do next. Or perhaps you have some big decisions on the horizon and want a bit of guidance to help gain clarity and confidence in your choices. Whatever has brought you here today, this guidance tarot spread is designed to provide you the insight and direction you seek. Using the classic Rider-Waite deck, we’ll look at your current situation and influences, your options and what is hidden from you, the path ahead and potential outcomes, and advice to help you move forward in the best way possible. Through the timeless wisdom of the tarot, you’ll gain a balanced perspective and trusted counsel. Keep reading to learn this simple yet illuminating spread.

What Is the Guidance Tarot Spread?

The Guidance Tarot Spread is a simple 3-card spread designed to provide insight into a situation or decision you’re facing.

Card 1: The Present

This card represents where you currently stand regarding your situation or decision. It shows your mindset, priorities, and any obstacles. Pay attention to the imagery and meanings associated with the card to gain awareness of influences, both positive and negative, surrounding your present circumstances.

Card 2: The Challenge

This card signifies the main challenge or opportunity in your situation. It may point out what is holding you back or needs to change, or it could show the potential for growth if you pursue a new direction. Look for ways the imagery relates to your specific situation. The challenge card often indicates the crux of the matter at hand.

Card 3: The Guidance

This final card provides advice and direction for how to navigate your situation in a wise and purposeful way. It points to the approach most likely to lead you to the best possible outcome. The guidance card is meant to shed light on your next best steps.

By analyzing the meaning and relationship between these three cards, you can gain valuable perspective on your situation and find the motivation and confidence to move forward in a positive way. The Guidance Tarot Spread provides an easy framework for gaining insight whenever you feel stuck or need support in decision making.

How to Perform the Guidance Tarot Spread

To gain insight into your situation and direction for moving forward, try this simple three-card tarot spread.

Focus your question

First, focus on a specific question or situation you want guidance on. Formulate it clearly in your mind as you shuffle the cards. Keep your question open-ended so the cards can provide broad insight.

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Deal the cards

Deal three cards from your shuffled tarot deck, face down. These represent the past, present and future. Turn over the first card – this signifies the past and what has led up to your current situation. The second card represents the present – your current state of affairs. The third card signifies the future – where your situation is headed if you continue on your current path.

Interpret the cards

Look at the imagery and symbolism in each card. Consider how the meanings relate to your question. Look for a progression or story across the three cards. The past card provides context, the present card gives you insight into your current circumstances, and the future card suggests where things are headed if nothing changes.

Gain guidance

Reflect on the progression and story of your three cards. What new perspectives do they provide? Do you need to make any changes or adjustments? The spread can reveal not just where you are and where you’re going, but also alternative directions you may not have considered. Let the cards guide you to a new path of greater insight and fulfillment.

With some practice, this simple three-card tarot spread can become a powerful way to gain guidance when you feel stuck or need direction. The cards often see connections we miss and point the way forward.

Interpreting the Cards in the Guidance Spread

The Guidance tarot spread provides insight into your current situation and direction for moving forward. When interpreting the cards in this spread, consider how they relate to one another and the overall story they tell.

The first card represents your current situation. This card gives you clarity into what is happening in your life right now and the energies surrounding you. The second card signifies obstacles or challenges you may face. Look for ways these challenges can help you grow rather than viewing them as purely negative.

The third card points to the root cause of your current situation. This card provides underlying reasons why you are where you are. It can reveal influences from the past that have shaped your circumstances. Gain perspective by examining how this root cause has impacted you and whether its effect still serves you.

The fourth card indicates the ideal solution or most positive path forward. This card reveals the direction you should head to resolve your current situation in a constructive manner. It signifies the healthiest choice available to you according to your true self and higher purpose.

The final card represents the ultimate outcome should you follow the guidance provided. This card gives you a glimpse of the resolution and end result of your current situation if you pursue the solution suggested in the spread. Although the future is unwritten, this outcome can act as motivation and encouragement for you to stay the course.

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By thoughtfully reflecting on each of the cards, their meanings, and relationships to one another, you gain clarity into your present circumstances and the insight required to navigate challenges and progress in a personally meaningful direction. The Guidance spread illuminates your path ahead so you can move forward with confidence and inner wisdom as your guide.

Sample Guidance Tarot Spread and Reading

Guidance Tarot Spread

A guidance tarot spread can provide insight and direction for your life and any challenges you may be facing. Here is a simple 3-card spread you can do for yourself:

Card 1: Your current situation

This card represents where you are right now in your life and what is influencing your current circumstances. It could relate to events happening around you or your mental/emotional state. Think about how this resonates with your present situation.

Card 2: What is blocking you

This card signifies any obstacles, barriers or challenges that are preventing you from moving forward or achieving what you desire. It could be a lack of confidence, financial hardship, relationship difficulties or other factors holding you back. Identify what resonates most with your current blockages or impediments.

Card 3: Advice for overcoming obstacles

The final card offers guidance on how to navigate the challenges represented in Card 2. It suggests steps you can take, resources to tap into or shifts in perspective that will help unblock your situation. The advice may be straightforward or require some interpretation. Look for the meaning that resonates most and provides the most constructive recommendations for your circumstances.

A sample 3-card guidance spread could be:

Guidance Tarot Spread

Card 1 (Current situation): 4 of Cups

Card 2 (What’s blocking you): 8 of Swords

Card 3 (Advice): The Sun

For this reading, the 4 of Cups suggests you have become apathetic or bored in your present circumstances. The 8 of Swords indicates you feel trapped by your thoughts or limited beliefs. The advice in The Sun is to embrace a more positive, optimistic mindset. Do small things each day that bring you joy and fulfillment. Shift your perspective to one of hope and possibility. This simple change can help motivate you and open up new opportunities.

The guidance from this tarot spread provides a snapshot of your current situation and challenges, along with advice for moving forward in a constructive way. Use the insight gained for reflection and take action on the recommendations that resonate most with you. With an open and willing attitude, you can gain clarity and direction for your life path.

Tips for Getting the Most From the Guidance Tarot Spread

To get the most insight and guidance from this tarot spread, keep the following tips in mind:

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Relax and clear your mind

As with any tarot reading, it’s best to do it when you’re feeling calm and centered. Take a few deep breaths to release any tension or anxiety before beginning. A clear and open mind will make you most receptive to the messages in the cards.

Focus on your question

Have a specific question or situation in mind that you’re seeking guidance on. State your question out loud or write it down before drawing the cards. Keep your question at the front of your mind as you interpret the spread. The images and symbols on the cards will directly relate to your question.

Draw cards slowly

Shuffle the deck thoroughly, then fan the cards out face down. Slowly move your hand across the spread, feeling for the cards that seem to “pull” at your energy. These are the cards that want to be chosen for your reading. Draw them one by one, placing them face up in the spread layout.

Look for themes, links and story

Pay attention to the overall themes, story or journey the spread layout reveals. Look for connections between the cards including similar colors, symbols, numbers or suits. The connections between cards are as important as the individual meanings. The story or journey the spread tells will provide the insight and guidance you seek.

Journal about the reading

Writing down your interpretations, impressions and reactions to the reading will make the guidance more concrete in your mind. You may gain additional insights and clarity while journaling about the spread. Revisit your journal entry again in the days and weeks after the reading. The meaning and messages may become even clearer over time.

With an open and relaxed mindset, focus on your question, choose your cards intuitively and interpret the connections between them. Then journal about the experience to gain the deepest wisdom and guidance this tarot spread has to offer.


So there you have it, a tarot spread designed to provide insight and direction when you feel stuck or unsure of your path. The cards in this spread aim to uncover what’s really going on under the surface, explore your options, understand why certain doors may be closed, and find the path that will lead you to your highest good. Give this spread a try – you may be surprised by the clarity and wisdom the cards reveal. Tarot is a powerful tool for self-reflection and gaining a higher perspective on your life journey. This guidance spread can help light the way when the road ahead seems dark. May these cards provide the insight and direction you seek.

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