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190 Best Motivational Quotes Positive Of All Time

190 Best Motivational Quotes Positive Of All Time

Do you read quotes and words to stay motivated? Motivation is an important part of anyone’s life. Motivation keeps you going. It gives you the required energy to wake up every day and chase the thing you want. Motivation allowed Read more…

Never Tick Your Life Clock To The Others

Never tick your clock

Everyone loves to know about success real-life stories and feel amazed to learn that the youngest president in the world elected in Austria, Sebastian Kurrz is 31 years old, or the youngest billionaire in the world is the Facebook founder, Read more…

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and some fascinating lines

Alchemist quotes

Great lessons can be learnt while reading the best sellers; this way, important cues can be found necessary, in the entire masterpiece written by the Brazilian Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist. It highlights an intricate plot that involves a young Read more…

The Beast Inside You – Success Motivation


Once upon a time, a young boy named after their parents as Success Daniel was born in Nigeria. Success got the chance of knowing people from every corner of the world who came to visit his village for tourism. He Read more…